Pilot Episode 2: Diving into Deep Learning

11th February 2019

We talk to Dr Raia Hadsell, senior research scientist working on deep learning at Google DeepMind.

After completing an undergraduate degree in religion and philosophy, Raia decided to pursue research in artificial intelligence - similarly intellectually challenging and thought-provoking, but more concrete in method. Since then, she has forged a successful career in artificial intelligence, pushing the boundaries of knowledge in AI navigation and making significant scientific contributions to deep learning algorithms, and mammalian navigation.

Raia believes "machine learning will fundamentally change our world". She advocates the ethical use of artificial intelligence in society and opposes the use of algorithms that are biased against gender identities and ethnic groups.

If you would like to read more about Raia's research, check out her website where you can also find the video that was mentioned in the podcast, Learning to Navigate in Cities without a Map. You can find the link to the paper here.


Raia also did a fascinating TEDx talk which you can watch here.