Episode 5: Reimagining Reality

21st October 2019

We chat to Dr Flora Tasse, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality at Streem. She completed a PhD in computer science at the University of Cambridge and was also founder and CEO of Selerio, a start-up in augmented reality.

It all started when Flora watched Jurassic Park when she was eight years old. Amazed by the realistic nature of the computer-generated dinosaurs, Flora decided she wanted to work in computer graphics. By the age of eleven, she was already programming a PC with the help of a big Visual Basic manual.

Flora's childhood dream begun to be realised when she created her first computer-generated crowd of people for her Masters' project at the University of Cape Town. Her love of research as well as her knack for coding visualisations led her to apply to many PhD programmes at top universities. Despite facing mostly rejections, she received offers from both Oxford and Cambridge. During and after her PhD at Cambridge, she worked for Google and Microsoft. Excited by what the tech sector had to offer, she left academia and founded her own augmented reality start-up.