Episode 3: Cursing, Coding and Sci(Comming)

12th August 2019

We interview Dr Emma Byrne, science communicator and author of "Swearing Is Good For You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language". Emma's scientific career so far has been pretty remarkable. Before becoming a freelancer, Emma did a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and was a postdoctoral researcher in Computational Neuroscience.

This is a packed show brimming with Emma's expertise and advice. If you are curious about the science of swearing, parallels between a PhD and parenting, combinatorial explosions, evolutionary computation, bias in AI, how you break into science communication, how to write a non-fiction book and everything else, then you're in for a treat.

If you're interested finding out more about SciComm, writing non-fiction or would like to attend the London Non-Fiction Writers' Meetup follow/contact Dr Emma Byrne on Twitter @SciWriBy.